Bob Mcrae - Artist


Blending a unique vision of Australian natural history with Australian armed conflict history, Bob McRae paints the Australia that is and evokes the Australia that was. Living on the South Coast of NSW surrounded by the tranquil seascapes and the lush subtropical escarpment that this area of Australia has to offer, Bob works in his studio and produces works of exceptional quality and insight.

With preparation derived from his many visits to the far flung reaches of Australia and with an insatiable appetite to view all of his country’s strange and beautiful flora and fauna, Bob fuses natural history with war history to create images that are evocative, wistful and poignant. Bob was commissioned in 2008 as a Naval appointed War artist, the first since the Second World War touring Iraq and Kuwait.


Welcome to the world and work of bob mcrae

'The wreck of Catalina A24-1'

Oil on canvas

90cm x120cm

This plane has a great aviation history. Today it sits in the mangroves of Darwin Harbour as a wreck . I have painted it as it appeared in the nineteen seventies with Humpbacked Dolphins swimming past.